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May 29, 2008

New Music and a Panda Bear

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We spent a ton of time this weekend in the studio, and we are beginning to really get some great shit. Here is a clip of a new song called Time, I just put the solo down the other day.

So enjoy the 30 seconds of new tunes while you creepily stare me down with a stuffed panda…


May 27, 2008

Did you know

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that the Hudson river was found in 1610 by Captain Hudson?

Well, Memorial day came and went. The weather was ace. Dan finished up a couple more guitar tracks in the studio. Jon and Nick sadly could not attend due to work.

Does anyone want to give us a van? Preferably one that is in wonderful shape, fairly new, very spacious, maybe one of those TVs in the back.  Thank you, that would be really perfect for us Dynamites.


May 26, 2008


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Sunday has been a very pleasurable day thus far, much has happened.

To start, Dan and Nick hit the stage of Maxwell’s for their very first time.

It was so incredible!

After arriving back at Nuthouse Recording studio, Jon decided to try and kill them.

It did not work.  Sorry Jon, maybe next time…

 When they both snapped out of it, Nick vigorously worked on his bass parts for the remaining four songs.

For good luck, Daniel decided to give Nick this thin blue plastic strip that came off the top of his Poland Spring bottle. “chew on it for good luck” claimed D.

After Nick successfully layed down his tracks, the plastic gift looked like this.

All chewed up and used.  It was a really nice and thoughtful present Dan, it really helped me through my tracks.  I haven’t gotten the chance to tell you that yet. I love you.

Early this morning, or maybe it was late last night,  Jon asked Nick to drive his car to the studio today. Nick said sure.

We picked up Kroogy out in Brooklyn heights. He had Blueberry, Carrot, and Apple muffins in a bag for us. Water as well. Thank you. We took off around 11:20 A.M

At one part of the day, Jon looked mysteriously into Dans eyes.

Well, it looks like the day is about to end soon.  As much as i would like to stay here and wrap with you all, i must take off.  As I type, Dan is to the very left of me laying down some really nice sounding  gee-tar for our newest song called Alright.  We’re very excited for you all to hear it.  I leave you with a short video of other random occurrences that went on today. Bye for now.

Sunday 11:02 PM



May 24, 2008


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is the captain of our ship, and he is laying down nothing but tremendous/beautiful/mind blowing drum tracks!


Day two.

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Hoboken is cool, yet odd to us.  People seem to be not into our style around the streets. Perhaps they believe we’re involved in a gang. They honk at us and shout things our way, but we don’t care. Us? We’re rock n rollers.



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Hi, it’s 9:30 PM. 

A lot has happened since we last posted.

My bass got her strings changed and got all upset with the world and decided to make nothing but rattlesnake like noises(now i get to use the 71 bass). Jon has been killing drum beats, killing in a good way. Dan’s been keeping low key, yet rocking so very hard. Squirrel has “been pushing sound terds around on the video machine” says he. He also raped my bass guitar, and claims that was the highlight for him cause he saw my bass naked, all exposed. We all took a little break and went to eat at a beautiful Italian sandwich place. I have been drinking diet coke for some reason unknown and feeling quite squeamish. We have a couple more drum tracks to take care of then we will call it a day. Until next post, ta ta.



May 23, 2008

By the end of recording…

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Nick plans on stealing this beautiful 1971 Fender P bass from Squirrel(thier wonderful producer)

we have made it to Hoboken.

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more to come.


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May 22, 2008


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Hey Everyone so welcome to the future…We heard about this really neat new thing called blogging, and figured what the hell, let’s give it a go!

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be in the studio in Hoboken, NJ recording our first real deal EP. Check back here everyday for updates of what we were up to. We will have pictures, movies, early mixes, watch us cry, scream with joy, everything you want to hear leading up to us finishing in July.

One love,


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