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September 30, 2008

Obama? Yes please

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Right on Dynamite says yes to change.


September 15, 2008

It’s funny how people change over the years..

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Boys in ’52 favored the “grease” look.


74 was all about colorful corduroy.



Flip-Flops were flippin’ through the hallways in 76.



In 82 guys were cruising the halls with their Walkmans on.



In 94 hip-hop went mainstream.



And in 98, Khakis made a huge comeback.

September 14, 2008


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Let’s see what’s on the Boob Tube.

September 13, 2008

How we are is how we have to be

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So last week Spiin magazine caught up with Dan and Jon in a bar in Park Slope.

It was way late, and the dude approached them in a very fuzzy drunk like matter with these random off questions, but Dan and Jon went with it smoothly because they are very cool.  There are fourteen of them, they go like this…

-September 11th, 2008 between11PM and 1145-

1)-You are trapped on an island.  You can pick one food to munch on every day. What would it be?

D- Shellfish

J- Ice cream sandwiches

2)- Would you rather be in Disney World or in Coney Island. Why?

J- Disney, because there’s an insane amount of magic there.

D- Disney, because i don’t wanna get mugged.

3)- Blonde or Brunette?

D- Blonde… My girlfriend is blonde.

J- Blondes cathch my eye, but i tend to go with brunettes.

4)- Favorite super hero?

J-Mighty Mouse

D- Spidey

5)- Mountains or trees?

D- Trees

J- Trees

6)- If you had any say in where you were born, where would you pick?

J- Japan

D- New Jersey

7)- Current favorite band playing outside of the US right now?

D- Frightened Rabbit

J- Cornelious

8)- You just woke up and can eat any cereal you want. Which would would you choose ?

D- Honey Bunches Of Oats

J- Raisin Brand

9)- Favorite fruit?

J- Orange

D- Plum

10)- Would you rather have lunch with Mick, Iggy,or Bowie?


J- Bowie

11)- One word to describe our present president?


D- Putz

12)- Cop or feel?

D- Cop

J- Feel

13)- What do you think would be a cool question to ask in an interview?

J- What decade of music matters most to you?

D- Have you ever thought about sleeping with a girl relative?

14)- Green, White, and Yellow. Pick two colors and why?

D- Green and White, because it bridges the racial gap between white people and aliens.

J- Green and Yellow,  Jamaica.

September 7, 2008

No pain no gain

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If you have a minute and twenty six seconds you can watch this video of our friend Michael taking a quick dip in the ocean.

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