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March 30, 2009

913 East Cesar Chavez Street

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I dunno, maybe she ate a bad stem.

That was taken outside on a front lawn where i went with my friends Mia and Billy to see a band called White Circle Crime Club. They were from Belgium and were sweet. We went there upon my man Kyp’s suggestion.
Speaking of Kyp, he is in a sweet side project called Iran. I just got their new record called Dissolver, and it sounds awesome. You should check it out.
Below is a thirty two second video clip of what White Circle Crime Club looks like and sounds like when playing front lawns in Texas …

Enjoy your monday


March 27, 2009

Friends play tunes, i walk around in dirt

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March 21st 2009, I went over to Ms B’s to catch my buds in the Crystal Stilts play a neat little show. They played very well and everyone seemed to enjoy them. Somehow i managed to get my entire body very dirty as i stumbled and sat around the parking lot. I saw many nice friends poppin around out there, even our cousin Scott was there! A girl blew bubbles for me, and someone gave me opium. Heres a little video.

March 24, 2009

I saw many nice things

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This past saturday morning i went over to Mohawk to see my buds Jay and Shilpa Ray play a show. It was super sweet. After they were finito i walked to the outside patio area and randomly caught a beautiful set by jason Lytle, which is the lead singer of Grandaddy(who unfortunately broken up …) Check out this small video clip where they perform an old Grandaddy tune called stray dog and the chocolate shake. Check it outtttt. I have much random footage that i will be slowly but surely adding to our blog, keep checking for daily updates! once they finished playing i caught wind that Vivian Girls were up next, luckily i escaped just in time.

March 22, 2009


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March 20th, 2009- I found this guy in the street outside of Stubbs as Metallica played their last encore. More sxsw footage to be continued …

March 18, 2009

Come to the moon with us

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We have room for 5 more people. We will be setting up interviews for the open spots starting early April.  You must be nice, enjoy outer-space, and enjoy pyschadelic spacedrugs.  Showing interest in stars, planets, spacejunk, asteroids, black holes,and satellites will be nothing but helpful for consideration.  When we arrive up top, we are gonna do a lot of special things. It should be something we will all never forget for sure!

Us Dynamites were driving around looking at the beautiful sunset when this thought came to us. Below is the actual footage of us driving.  Playing in the backround is the music you will hear as we cruise up to the moon. We have started playing spacerock. If you wanna hear more and be part of this movement, get your shit together and get in touch with us. It’s gonna be awesome


March 2, 2009

First you stop, and then you go

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