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May 18, 2009


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Yesterday we played and hung out with children for a while at the Living Room on Ludlow. It was for a kickrockers party, check out what they are all about right here! We would like to thank Beth and Cock for putting something really nice together and inviting us dynamites to it. It was a lot of fun. I taught one child the difference between her left and right hand, played a little twister, tony blew up many happy face balloons for the little ones, took a nice Q & A session with them. One of the better questions came from a three year old who asked” when will u break up!?”
here is a little clip of us playing No Fights(Pas De Combats)


May 7, 2009

happy may 7th

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Here we are rocking the f out this past saturday night.
We have spoke about this previously, but our friend Nick did the challenge of seeing 100 bands in 100 days. Non stop action, night, after night, after night, after night …
Wild stuff i tell you. Well he was successful and he asked us to play his 100th night party celebration! It was super awesome. Check out his blog that shows his wild voyage of these past 100 days and a nice write up of the party on saturday. You can peep it by clicking this colored underlined word that says blog.

On a side note, we are playing a show to little children next sunday. Come sing with us little ones. Check out our myspace page for the info.

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