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August 7, 2009

“This is Dan on the scene”-Jon

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Jon:Yes. Right now he’s uh he’s gettin(Nicole:Cheers.) footage.
This is Dan on the scene.
Dan:Stay still.
Jon:Photographers (Nick:Who’s he taking footage of?) got a vision, he’s got a vision.
Nick:Who’s he taking footage of?
Jon:His ladies on the rock..
Nick:Who!? More then one?
Dan:That’s a good one

Nicole:Look at how nice this is
Jon:Giggles. Ssss.
Nicole:We should get out there right?
Nick:Cracks up.
Jon:Behind the scenes footage,(Nicole:Deep in the water) hhhuh!
Nicole:Ya know?
Dan:You guys, you guys go for(Jon:ahhh) a swim.
Jon an Nick:Laugh.


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